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29.5.2023 - Roboter ..heute erfahren -1
Roboter antwortet den Menschen
und die Hardware schon 2 Jahre alt (2021)
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Evolution of Boston Dynamic’s Robots [1992-2023]

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From the clumsy BigDog developed in 2005, all the way to the latest iterations of Atlas and Spot in 2021 that can even dance together, this is the Evolution of Boston Dynamic’s Robots!

00:00 Intro
00:50 BigDog
03:36 PETMAN
04:50 Sand Flea
05:44 Cheetah
06:55 Wildcat
07:17 Atlas
10:17 Spot
14:18 Handle
14:42 Pick
14:54 Stretch

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Atlas | Partners in Parkour:   

• Atlas | Partners ...  
Do You Love Me?:   

• Do You Love Me?  
BigDog Reflexes:   

• BigDog Reflexes  
BigDog Evolution:   

• BigDog Evolution  
BigDog Overview:   

• BigDog Overview (...  

• LittleDog  
BigDog Olé:   

• BigDog Olé  

• HappyHolidays  
AlphaDog Proto:   

• AlphaDog Proto  
Legged Robot Testing in Desert:   

• Legged Robot Test...  
Dynamic Robot Manipulation:   

• Dynamic Robot Man...  
PETMAN Prototype:   

• PETMAN Prototype  

Petman Tests Camo:   

• Petman Tests Camo  
Sand Flea Jumping Robot:   

• Sand Flea Jumping...  
Cheetah Robot :   

• Cheetah Robot Gal...  
Cheetah Robot runs 28.3 mph:   

• Cheetah Robot run...  
Introducing WildCat:   

• Introducing WildCat  
Atlas Update:   

• Atlas Update  
Inside the lab: How Atlas works?:   

• Inside the lab: H...  
Atlas, The Next Generation:   

• Atlas, The Next G...  
What's new, Atlas?:   

• What's new, Atlas?  
Getting some air, Atlas?:   

• Getting some air,...  
Parkour Atlas:   

• Parkour Atlas  
More Parkour Atlas:   

• More Parkour Atlas  
Atlas | Partners in Parkour:   

• Atlas | Partners ...  
Spot Classic:   

• Introducing Spot ...  
Introducing Spot :   

• Introducing Spot ...  
The New Spot:   

• The New Spot  
Testing Robustness:   

• Testing Robustness  
Can You Give Me a Hand?:   

• Hey Buddy, Can Yo...  
Spot Autonomous Navigation:   

• Spot Autonomous N...  
Spot Launch:   

• Spot Launch  
A Year with Spot:   

• A Year with Spot  
Spot's Got an Arm!:   

• Spot's Got an Arm!  
Search for Life:   

• Search for Life: ...  
Spot's On It:   

• Spot's On It  
Introducing Handle:   

• Introducing Handle  
Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics:   

• Handle Robot Reim...  
Introducing Stretch:   

• Introducing Stret...  
by Boston Dynamics

100m Sprint Men Finals Usain Bolt:   

• 100m Sprint Men F...  
by TrailerHD123

Boston Dynamics Pick System:   

• Boston Dynamics P...  
by The Robot Report

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